Many people select sony xperia because of its great resolution. It looks like real. Sony mobiles mostly have very good camera result that’s why people use sony mobiles because of it they can enjoy good camera result and they can capture their important moments. Xperia Z5 have following features. Internak Memory is 32 GB, Display is 5 inch and Resolution is 1080x1920 , 5HTML browser, Colour is black.




imgSmartphones consume battery very quickly. When you are running low on battery and dont ....

imgHTC mobile have battery problem. Its battery timing is very less as compare to other mobile companies like Samsung and Q mobile.

imgMany people select sony xperia because of its great resolution.....

imgThis model of Samsung Galaxy is very slim and smooth. Many android users like this mobile because of its slim shape.

imgName is Qmobile Noir E8 and price is 48$.

imgLG has mobile model G Vista 2. It is very good looking with strong body shape