That’s why it is becoming common for teachers to get legal degrees of teaching and law again.

Educational programs and courses are for teachers, political analysts and for lawyers and other professionals with a thorough understanding of law and educational practice. If you want to legal training to strengthen and enhance your role as administrator or you want to leave the classroom for law practice, we can help you prepare to make the right decisions about law.

Identify legal and ethical problems in schools.

Conduct legal research to keep developments in the law and seek the legal system

Analyze and describe the fundamental principles.

Involve others to solve complex legal problems.



Education policy and law make a strong understanding of the field and supported by thorough research


This study program offers strong foundation as being a prosecutor and coursework and the opportunity to pursue a school administration. You can select courses related to education law.


Education of legislation give information about  both policy and practice of Law. If teachers and prosecutors are not informed about the law  they cannot make right decisions .


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imgA good lawyer knows the Law & and A Great Lawyer knows the Judge.

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