1- Consume fruits and veggies rich in vitamins C, Zink, Iron & Omega -3s. 2- Trim your hair ends when needed. Dont hang on to split end to avoid the breakage. 3- Use hair cutting scissors when trimming your hair not paper cutting scissors to avoid split. 4- Shampoo your hair in sections to prevent tangles and breakage. 5- Massage your scalp your castor oil at night to increase blood flow which promotes growth. 6- Drink 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. 7- Pretreat your hair with natural oils and/or conditioner before shampooing for strength. 8- Do a protein treatment every 6 to 8 weeks to give strength to your hair. 9- Exercise regularly to promote hair growth.


imgThe prognosis of  mesothelioma is generally poor. However, new research and treatments which are developed in recent years are providing a better prognosis for many mesothelioma patients.Malignant mesothelioma is extremely aggressive and dangerous. It usually remains hide and undetected until the cancer has reached at advanced stage. As a result, the prognosis for mesothelioma patients is often unfavorable, with most patients living a year or two after diagnosis.

imgMesothelioma is most typically classified by the placement within the body wherever it develops. Specifically, the cancer forms within the lining of bound organs or areas inside the body, called the epithelial tissue. Mesothelioma generally develops in one among 3 specific areas.

imgMesothelioma Cancer is a rare and aggressive form of cancer. It primarily develops in lining of lungs. It is called “Pleural Mesothelioma “. It is an insidious disease and it is caused by long latency of asbestos exposure. New cases are diagnosed very rapidly.


imgArnold and Rambo are still in best shape more than many 20 year old boys.

imgI need google in my brain and antivirus in my heart.

imgThere are some common problems in USA men that girls hates.